About Us

I’m Agboola Agbeniga Emmanuel

An entrepreneur, teacher, graphic artist, carpenter, Web designer, Building Designer, Interior decorator, Drummer, Music Die hard Fan, Computer Analyst, Networking Master, Easy Worship Guru, AutoCAD Prophet, & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.


Am a born-and-raised Nigerian Boy with nothing more than passion, a laptop, a mobile phone and a dream to empower our Youths with the right digital skill to stand in the Global Market.

Every long Journey starts with a Step, WordPress Training is a site created to equip our youth with the rudimentary knowledge of building a WordPress website from scratch with little or zero knowledge of coding. The Class or training will be a 5days Compressed but Comprehensive session that will cut across the major chatting platform our Youth can afford which is Telegram and Whatsapp. The training will be Batches and the First Batch of our Training will be kicking on the 27th of December 2018

What Must Do to Be Part of This Training

All you need do to be part of this training is to show interest and Passion. How can you be a Nigeria Youth with little or zero knowledge about the Digital World in this Global age, You need to wake up.


1. I need your Smartness and Sharpness

2. Your Android Mobile Phone with a minimum of 2gb of Ram , why a Mobile phone, who said you need a Powerful Laptop before you can build your website; the answer is No, You will be building the websites with your Mobile Phone

3. Your Book and a Biro

4. Whatsapp or Telegram with Mobile Internet subscription

5. A token of ₦1,000 to cover your starter Pack and Course Material alone

6. Your Friends: How can you be learning a New skill and your friend is not part of it, Don’t be selfish my Friend, Oya share this news with Your Friend.