Everything you have to know about domains

If you just decide to begin an online business, a Domain name is a first thing to consider. You have to decide what domain name and domain extension to choose.

What is a domain name?

Well, the most simplified answer to this question is as follows: a domain name is your website’s address in World Wide Web. It is the address your user will type in browser URL bar to visit your website.

Are web hosting and domain name identical?

Definitely NOT! If we assume domain name as your website’s address, then web hosting is the house your website live in.

Web hosting as you possibly guess hosts your website’s files and it is presented as an annual service by hosting companies.

For example, seniorwp is a domain name and its data files stored in HostGator company which is one of the most popular companies in host sector.

In a nutshell, to begin an online business you need both domain name and web hosting. They are two separate services which may or may not sell together.

What is domain name extension?

Extensions are the second part of a website address. They mostly represent countries name like .am, .de or my representing Armenia, Germany, and Malaysia respectively.Some of them are used for specific purposes, for example, .museum logically is for museums and .travel is for travel related websites.

There are also some original top-level domains like .com, .net, and .org which are permitted for any person or entity.

How to choose a perfect domain name?

After understanding the concept of domain and host next step is choosing a proper domain name.

This step is most challenging and most important stage you have to go through. Remember your domain name is your identity on the web and foundation of your business.

For choosing a domain name you can either create a made-up word like Google, look at thesaurus of old or less-common words or use domain name generators. Some of the most useful and trustworthy websites for domain generate is leandomainsearch.com, namemesh.com, and wordoid.com.

Whether you use domain generator or just invent a creative word all by yourself; remember a good domain name should follow above rules.

Golden rules:

  • The shorter the better

Well, most of the short domains are all taken long ago but yet it’s worth the shot; use domain generators to find shortest domain possible which has following features on the list.

  • Brandable and most importantly memorable

A good domain is one which sticks in mind so the best approach is to avoid numbers and hyphen. You need people to remember your domain in order to recommend to others.

  • Give hints about your business

An ideal domain name should give away your Career Field at first sight but not at the cost of the length of your domain. For example, however, luxofficefurniture represents the business very well yet is too long and it is impossible to be a brand so instead try to come up with a unique and SHORT name. Remember internet giant like Google and Amazon don’t particularly represent their field however because of the good pronounceable name no one forgets them.

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