What Were Your Concerns Before Marriage And How Did It Turn Out After Marriage?

Happy Sunday to Everyone.

I’m 32yrs but still unmarried, not because I don’t like to or because of money but I just have constant concerns, worries, and fears.

I have been in relationships severally where we both love, respect and care for each other; but I call it off every time it was getting really serious, not because of any grievous issue in particular (because nobody is perfect) but just because of worries and fear of the unknown.

Some of the worries I have are things like:
– Would I still like her in the near future after locking it down with her in marriage?
– Am I sure I have considered all my chances?
– Am I sure I won’t regret my choice or find a better choice tomorrow?
– Am I sure this is the right person for me?
– Am I sure I’m not walking into misfortune with my two eyes open?
– Am I sure I’m done a balanced analysis in making a choice or just looking at one side?

Some people think I don’t like marriage or that I’m just flexing, but these fears and concerns make me develop cold feet whenever a relationship I’m in start getting serious. These fears and doubt are real.

So guys, what were your fears and concerns before getting married and how did it turn out after been married.