“Why Does GOD Allow Tragic Deaths?”

After i heard the news of The Ethiopian airline Boeing 737 that crashed today killing over 150 people i felt compelled to drop this piece with a heavy heart and very deep sobriety..

Many people often wonder why GOD allows people to die through several ways when he has the power to avert the cause and atheists have used this issue to discredit the existence of GOD.

The bitter truth is every one of us must die at different times through different means regardless of the age. Whether by human error, gun,natural disasters,wars, plane crash, sickness…WE ALL MUST LEAVE THIS EARTH.

It is quite unfortunate that the earth does not have infinite resources for limitless number of species so by default,people must die for earth’s ecological balance to be sustained. Imagine you, your entire family right from the previous 4 generations living in one building without anyone leaving…now you can imagine how choked you all will be.

In like manner, for the earth to maintain its balance, every living species must at one time or the other leave for new ones to have space. So the bitter truth is that people must die and as people leave this earth, new people come in through child birth and this balance must continue regardless of your prayer to live long….IF GOD ANSWERS EVERYBODY’S PRAYER FOR LONG LIFE I GUESS THIS WORLD WILL BE SATURATED.

What GOD cares about is our souls and whilst we cry on earth when anyone dies, to GOD it is home coming cos this earth is just a temporary place for our souls.

Our souls–that invisible and eternal part of us–is the part that connects us with God. It’s what makes us different than all other life forms on the planet: every human has a soul. Your soul is the real you and that is what GOD really cares about and not your earthly body. That’s why Jesus asked, “Is anything worth more than your soul?”(Mark 8:37)

Yes its ok to pray and wish for long life but stop bothering your head about who dies and who lives or when and how you die….it can happen at anytime so start preparing your soul for where you want it to be for eternity.

May the souls of the dead R.I.P..Amen!